Our Waters1
Our Waters

Our Waters is a film that reflects on the state of 'the system'. Looking at the design, age and health of our urban water infrastructure pipes.

Its a slow, quiet and reflective film based in the laboratories in Civil engineering. Our Waters focuses on the nature of flow: pumped, spun, pressurised water whilst revealing the complex pipe system that we are all so dependent on.

Our Waters 18m18s, video with sound (Installed and played on loop)

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Installed in the flooded basement of Heben Bridge Town Hall
Our Waters2
Our Waters4
Our Waters5
Our Waters3
Our Waters6
Our Waters Text Still
Our Waters Sheffiel Rud Hill
Our Waters1

Funded by EPSRC through Pennine Water Group, The University of Sheffield
Special thanks to Dr Matteo Rubinato, Dr Liz Sharp, Aldous Everard
Thanks to all researchers and staff at Pennine Water Group

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