Inertial Frame

Filmed in the dark winter months of 2008–9 in South West Finland, Inertial Frame captures the moving sea, sky & islands of the beautiful Finnish Archipelago. Consisting of 5 shots between the Islands Pargas and Nauvo, the film explores our perceptions of time, distance and speed in relation to memory, technology and human scale. Starting in daylight and ending in darkness the real space and cinema space are bought into question, as the light fades the sense of distance flattens, the movement slows to an imperceptible level.


Some things you can dip in and out of; others need constant vigilance. To a few, I just surrender. Bob Levene film Inertial Frame at The Northern Gallery of Contemporary Art in Sunderland shows the Islands and the Inlets of The Finnish Archipelago passing by the camera's fixed and steady eye filmed in fading and uncertain light. On a sofa in a darkened space I drifted too.

Adrian Searle, The Guardian


Made during Titanik A.i.R. residency, Arte Artists’ Association, Turku, Finland

Thanks to Sandra Neyberg, Pete McPartlan and the Pilots of the ferries that fed me coffee and let me take up impromptu residence

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