Park The Space Between Medium
Park, The Space Between

A TV monitor shows the image of a park, occasionally a car drives past, when it exits the screen it seems to take a few seconds and then appears to drive through the speaker which is placed at the other side of the gallery.

Cars Across5 Copy
Cars Across 2 Copy

The title refers to the conceptual and physical space between the speaker and the TV monitor and the on and off screen sound. The recording process involved trailing a microphone and its lead 50 meters away from the camera, when a car drove past the camera it took another few seconds for it to pass the microphone creating an out of sync sound and image.

Cars Across 3 Copy
The Thinking

Park, The Space Between brings into question the recording and re-presentation and the choices behind them. It playfully explores the sculptural and physical space between the TV monitor and audio speaker. These ubiquitous objects are always creating 'illusions', ones which are so every day they now pass as 'normal', Park, The Space Between creates a simple and playful adjustment which strips everything back, creating a feeling of the car being physically present and driving through them. 


Co-commissiond by Cornerhouse Manchester and Sonic Arts Network, 2006

Installation picture taken at exhibition an Artsadmin, London

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