Past Signal

Past Signal.1, .2, .3  are a series of performances, installation works and short films, exploring our understanding of distance, speed and time, by playing around with the different properties and speeds of light and sound.


The far away figure jumps up and down wearing specially built metal shoes, because of the distance between the figure and camera / microphone the sound arrives after the jumper has landed. Shot in a different landscapes with contrasting acoustics, sounds, histories, cultures and aesthetic properties.


Past Signal.1 (2010) Performed and Filmed in Suomenlinna Helsinki for the Äänen Lumo Festival and exhibited in Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art

Past Signal .2 (2010) Filmed in Switzerland

Past Signal .3 (2011) Filmed in Oslo, Norway for I walk the Line, Ultima, Contemporary Music Festival and exhibited in Opera House, Oslo, Norway

Thanks to all the jumpers and the shoe maker, Kimmo Modig and Ross Dalziel.

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