Working Waters with Megan Clinch

Working Waters was a commissioned by Arts Catalyst (London/Sheffield) as part of their Test Site Series. The project spanned five years and in essence was a conversation that went back and forth between ourselves and the participants.

At each turn, who we met and what we found shaped the direction the project took.  Different tools, props and techniques were devised to enable these conversations as they were reflected and built upon before being returned with a new framing and foundation to think about an alternative.

The work brought together research, data, knowledge and understanding in order to identify why flooding happened in the Calder catchment and who was responsible. Working Waters lead directly to a follow up work entitled A Common Waters Policy.

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We are currently in the process of bringing the project together, collating the research, creating a publication and series of essays. Information about the full project and its following up Towards a Common Waters Policy will be published on this website over in June 2021

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