Experiments for the Photograph

A Series of three images entitled 8m x8m x 1m, Objects in Space and Edge. All exploring the illusions, contradictions and deceptions of the photograph

8m x 8m x 1m
8Mx8Mx1M Installed

8m X 8m X 1m
Mg 0027

8 metre lengths were marked directly onto the photographic backdrop, the image was cropped & repeated, the first show’s 1m, the following shows 2m and so on. Initial viewing shows a flat clinical B&W graph with uneven increments, but on closer inspection the wobbly lines from the masking tape and the creases in the backdrop reveal the true depth and space.

Photograph, Lambda Print, Diasec 100cm x 37cm

Objects in Space
Objects In Space Med

The contents of my accommodation was moved next door into the studio and carefully placed around the room as to not touch one another through the eye of the frame. 

Edge Final Cropped
Mg 0119Crop

Using a live camera feed into my laptop black tape was carefully placed on the walls and floor of the space so it would appear at the very edge of the frame. The line also resembles the black borders that were printed at the edge of the image.

Mg 0019
Mg 0005
Photograph, Lambda Print, Framed 92cm × 72cm

Made during a residency with Artists Unlimited, Bielefeld, Germany

Thanks to all the artists, photographers & designers who supported and helped me throughout the residency.

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