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Time Frame with Anne-Marie Culhane

Our sense of speed changes as technologies advance. The camera has allowed us to freeze and slow down moments in time, but what does it mean for us to slow down?

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Time Frame is a two part video installation.

Working with world-class sprinter Leon Baptiste, the athlete was trained by Anne-Marie to slow down his movements while remaining in constant forward motion. The video was shot at British Olympic training ground at Loughborough University. Ruth framed and shot in such a way as to not reference any other movement or sense of time, such as shadows from the sun and with the marks on the tracks as a nod to the works of Etienne Jules-Marey and Eadweard Muybridge whose work was in the exhibition.

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The Museum Archive & Exhibition

Time Frame was exhibited alongside images, objects and technology from the National Media Museums archive that explore the relationship between media and movement. The exhibition revealed how photographers, inventors and scientists have responded to the challenges of capturing and simulating movement, creating images which transcend the boundaries of Art, Science and Entertainment.


Commissioned for In the Blink of an Eye by the National Media Museum, with the support of imove for The Culture Olympiad.

Many Thanks to Leon Baptiste

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